Review of Delilah S. Dawson’s “Servants of the Storm”

So, side note, I’m really bad about posting lately, but I have reasons, and those will come in the next post (this weekend/next week (promise!)). This post though is long overdue for a fabulous book that is releasing tomorrow!

Disclaimer: The only reviews on this site will be reviews for books that A) I liked and B) will focus on the positives of the book. Does this mean it’s a soft evaluation? Um… no *evil grin*. I’m not the easiest person to please *ahem*. I just choose to keep this site more positive.

On with the review!

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As I said, tomorrow is the book birthday for Delilah S...

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How I Started My Writing Journey

So lots of writers/authors I know have stories where they knew they wanted to write books from when they were very young. This is not that kind of story. If I had known, it might have saved me a lot of time down the way. I can be quite oblivious when I want to, especially when it comes to myself!

I will say I did have the story creation element down pat since I was little, since I would constantly make ones up as I listened to music, generally characters acting to the songs in some way (fighting, dancing, whatever), but I didn’t think that much of it, apart from having an active imagination. I used it mainly as a form of entertainment, cause I was a surprise baby and having siblings who were 8 and 10 years older taught me to entertain myself...

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How y’all doing?

My name is Trent and this is my new home on the net. Let me tell you a little about myself:

I was born and raised in Houston, and currently live in Brooklyn. My full-time job is with the RT Booklovers Convention and I just got back from the RT14 con in NOLA! This past year has been a blur and hard to believe it’s been 10 months since I started there! However, that’s a post for another time ^_^. (DISCLAIMER: All posts on here are only my opinions and do not reflect those of my employer)

My other side though is that I’m also an aspiring author, writing Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, with some Steampunk thrown into the mix. I have many different plot bunnies in my head though, so by no means am I exclusive to these genres...

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